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Pharmacy Benefit

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Pharmacy Networks – Comprehensive

Nationwide access to care for your employees

With about 64,000 national and independent pharmacies, we offer one of the strongest retail pharmacy networks – including flexible pricing structures and options for members to get 90-day prescriptions at the retail pharmacy.

Plus, with our innovative pharmacy Savings Alerts, members can learn about lower-cost options right at the pharmacy counter.

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OptumRx® Mail Service Pharmacy

Reduce benefit costs and improve member satisfaction with our OptumRx® Mail Service Pharmacy.

Enhanced Quality and Care

OptumRx Mail Service members have access to pharmacists with advanced training, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Mail service with OptumRx can help identify potential gaps in care and potentially harmful drug interactions.


Using mail service reduces the need for members to travel to a retail pharmacy for their medications. And since dispensing usually covers a three-month supply, fewer refills are required throughout the year.

And, mobile capabilities provide on-the-go pharmacy access which can help improve adherence and provide lower cost options for members. Members can also set medication refills reminders, and refill mail service prescriptions from their smart phones.

Cost Savings

Mail service can drive down costs through:

  • Deeper discounts off the average wholesale price for many medications
  • No dispensing fees
  • Improved brand to generic substitution rates
  • Increased member adherence

We can work with you to help balance member cost share and copayments. And, members can use our online tools to determine if mail service is the most cost effective option.

Specialty Pharmacy Designated Network

Specialty medications often require special handling and expertise by the pharmacist. In addition, it's been shown that members are more adherent when they receive additional support throughout their treatment. We partner with carefully selected designated specialty pharmacies based on clinical expertise, clinical support for members, adherence programs and cost.

One of our specialty pharmacies is OptumRx. Members already using OptumRx Mail Service Pharmacy can enjoy the convenience of having their medications – specialty and non-specialty – delivered right to their door.

Pharmacy Benefit

The pharmacists and nurses in our designated specialty pharmacies are experts in specialty medications and the conditions they treat. They provide members convenient, affordable access to important medications and comprehensive clinical services that can help improve adherence and overall satisfaction. Careful management of each individual's treatment regimen helps avoid unnecessary medical costs and can help lower total health care costs.

Medical Benefit

Specialty medications for members using their medical benefit may be obtained through one of four channels – at home infusion providers, outpatient hospital facilities, physician's offices, or through our designated specialty pharmacies.

Our contracted rates and pricing methods allow us to control costs and provide members timely access to therapy in a clinically appropriate and convenient setting.

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