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ARTICLE Clinician Resources

Improving quality and value of care.

UnitedHealthcare works with nationally recognized physician experts, advisory boards and professional associations to bring you the latest clinical and scientific information.


Our leading-edge clinician resources use evidence-based medicine standards to help you improve patient safety and care.


Visit® for accurate, easy-to-access information on programs in:

  • Cancer - Oncology
    Support your patients’ decision-making process by emphasizing care based on published clinical treatment guidelines.
  • Cardiology
    Benefit from information based on peer-to-peer data sharing and disease management programs.
  • Geriatric Resources
    Provides Web-based screening and education tools. Links are provided to nationally recognized evidence based treatments, solutions, and reference materials on conditions specific to the aging population.
  • Neuroscience, Orthopaedics and Spine
    Find low back pain initiatives and learn about the UnitedHealth Premium® Specialty Center designation for total joint and surgical spine programs.
  • Primary Care/ER Care Management
    Access evidence-based medicine guidelines, electronic registries and disease management programs.
  • Radiology
    Advance the quality and safety of imaging studies by ensuring performance standard compliance and by providing notifications, updates and viewing status.
  • Women’s Health Resource Services
    Improve health outcomes for women and babies with programs in infertility, pregnancy and childbirth, congenital anomalies and genitourinary conditions.



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