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Get After It

Carrie Tollefson, 2004 Olympian
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Program aired Jan. 12, 2010

Professional athletes understand the value of a good coach and training partner, but you don't need to be a professional athlete to benefit from a training partner. A partner can help you set goals for your health and fitness, and can help motivate you to take action. She can check on your progress, celebrate your accomplishments, and provide encouragement along the way. No matter where you are today in your own wellness journey today, it's time to "Get After It" and be as healthy as you can be. Join us to hear Carrie Tollefson's personal story, and get some practical advice to help you on your own journey.

Aretha (Hill) Thurmond

Choosing to Live a Healthier Lifestyle

Aretha (Hill) Thurmond Olympic athlete
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Program aired Dec. 15, 2009

All of us make choices every day that affect our health and the way we feel. We know what we "should" do... but we get busy, and before you know it, we're skipping breakfast, or grabbing a quick dinner at the drive-through. Have you been thinking about making some changes in your own life? Are you worried about a family history of heart disease or diabetes? Do you want to become more active, and live a healthier lifestyle? Join us and get practical tips from Aretha to incorporate healthier habits into your daily life.

Sue Parks

Ten Steps to Living a Healthier Life

Susan B. Parks, founder and CEO of WalkStyles.
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Program aired July 14, 2009

This webinar will focus on how to set, track, achieve and reward simple daily goals around activity, nutrition, weight management and more. We will cover how to find time to be healthy in your busy day. We'll even address how to engage your friends, family and coworkers so they don't sabotage your healthy efforts!

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