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Health and Wellness Presentations


Health and Wellness Presentations

Maybe you want to lose a few pounds, build exercise into your daily routine, learn how to relax, or just live a longer, healthier life. But who has time? Now you do, at a time that works for you.

UnitedHealthcare offers a Health and Wellness presentation series that you can access whenever your busy schedule allows for a few minutes.


On Your Way to a Healthy Weight

Understand the benefits of weight loss and determine a healthy weight range. Review portion sizes and learn everyday ways to move more. Discuss the importance of tracking and setting realistic and achievable goals. View presentation

Move to Lose

Understand the benefits of physical activity and review common exercise myths. Understand the role of physical activity in weight loss, identify moderate intensity activities and learn how to plan your exercise routine. View presentation

Planning Ahead for Healthy Eating

Discuss how planning ahead helps you make healthier choices. Discuss healthy meal planning and snacks and review how to read nutrition labels. View presentation

Healthy Habits

Identify common triggers that lead to unhealthy behaviors and review strategies for healthier habits. Discuss ways to make home and work healthy environments for adoption of healthy habits. View presentation

Overcoming Exercise Barriers

Identify and discuss ways to overcome exercise barriers. Discuss personal challenges while making exercise a priority. Review helpful tips to increase activity. View presentation

Healthy Dining In and Out

Learn about healthy eating strategies, ways to cook healthy at home and tips for making healthier choices when eating out. View presentation

Managing Stress

Identify sources of stress, discuss solutions for dealing with stress and practice problem solving techniques. View presentation

Staying Positive

Discuss motivation techniques and positive self talk. Look at progress, set new goals and review components of success. View presentation

Creating a Healthy Eating Plan

Understand the definition of a healthy diet; determine daily calorie needs; learn about major food groups, including proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. View presentation

Staying Healthy While Traveling

Learn practical tips on how to achieve and maintain a healthy eating and exercise plan while traveling. View presentation

Boost Your Health With Super Foods

Learn about "super foods" that provide important health benefits and how to incorporate them into an every day eating plan. View presentation

The Truth About Dietary Fats

Understand the four major types of dietary fat and their sources. Learn how much fat is needed for a healthy balanced diet and how to avoid unhealthy fats. View presentation

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle and Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Learn about characteristics of Type 2 diabetes and assess your risk. Learn dietary and exercise improvements as well as tips to help you prevent type 2 diabetes. View presentation

Healthy Eating on a Budget

Learn tips on how to stretch a dollar, how to incorporate healthy, budget-friendly foods into your eating plan and how to incorporate low cost ingredients into favorite recipes. View presentation

Women's Health: Caring for Ourselves

Learn about a woman's top health concerns: Heart, breast and brain health; osteoporosis; menopause; diet; exercise; and managing stress. View presentation

Men's Health: Caring for Ourselves

Learn about a man's top health concerns: Heart, prostate and brain health; diet; exercise; and managing stress. View presentation

Back Health

Learn how to keep your back strong, how to address the causes of back pain, and what to do when back pain strikes. View presentation