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Kitchen Safety Tips


Kitchen Safety Tips

Barbara K. Moeller

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The kitchen is a space to come together, relax and enjoy food, family and friends. For many aging parents or older adults, the kitchen may be unsafe. Here are some tips to help avoid cooking-related hazards in the home and make the kitchen safer.

  • Prevent falls by placing a water-absorbent, non-skid mat in front of the sink. Spills or splashed dishwater can make floors wet and slippery.
  • Make certain the kitchen is well-lit, using at least 60-watt bulbs.
  • Place microwave oven on the kitchen counter, instead of mounting it above the stove. This helps prevent burns, since there?s no reaching over burners or hot food. Also, this placement helps avoid dropped or broken items.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher near the kitchen exit, so it can be reached safely away from flames.
  • Ensure the coffee maker and other appliances have automatic shut off features to prevent overheating if mistakenly left on.
  • Use a sturdy step ladder or step stool instead of a chair to reach objects in overhead cabinets.

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