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Your Healthy-Student Checklist


Your Healthy-Student Checklist

What parent doesn't need some help with all the back-to-school busyness?

Here's a little assistance: A checklist with health-related to-dos. And, even if your child goes to school year-round, you might find some helpful reminders.

  • Schedule a checkup. Make this a routine part of each year's back-to-school plan. Be sure to ask if your child is up-to-date on vaccinations. Older children may need a doctor visit to participate in sports.
  • Have a plan in place. Does your child have a chronic condition? Let the school know. Create a written plan with your child's special needs, medicines, medical history and other health information. Your doctor can help with this.
  • Make sleep a priority. A good night's rest sets the stage for better learning. Most children need at least 9 hours of sleep a night. As the first day of school draws nearer, it may help to start easing children toward an earlier bedtime.
  • Dish out some brain food. Research has shown children who eat breakfast perform better at school – and have lower rates of obesity. And, it doesn't have to be elaborate. For hectic mornings, keep ready-to-go foods on hand, such as granola bars, dried fruit and low-fat yogurt.
  • Take a fresh look at lunch. Check out the school's menu so you can guide your child toward good choices. Packing a sack lunch? Here's an idea: Together with your child, create a list of healthful possibilities to include. Kids may be more likely to eat foods they choose.