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Multicultural Resources


Multicultural Resources

Multicultural Health Resources

According to the National Assessment of Adult Literacy, 50 percent of American adults (93 million people) have trouble understanding and using health information, and two out of three people don't understand their health insurance coverage. Add specific cultural and language preferences to the mix and it's easy to see why some people have difficulty managing their health.

Studies show that many ethnically diverse populations are underserved. Many people prefer to manage their health in their native language. They will often seek personalized resources and solutions that speak their language and understand their culture. That's why UnitedHealthcare continues to commit significant resources to providing culturally and linguistically appropriate health educational materials and services.

Fotonovelas Address Common Health Concerns for Hispanics/Latinos

Fotonovelas, or photo novels, are bilingual photo stories that depict how a family discusses common health concerns. The fotonovelas, entitled, "¿Que le dijo el medico?" (What did the doctor tell you?) depict a series of dialogues between family members discussing topics such as diabetes, hypertension, physical activity, nutrition, tobacco use and depression.

You can find the Fotonovela and other health and wellness information in Spanish and English, at Latino Health Solutions.

Serving the Health Needs of African Americans

Generations of Wellness® provides culturally relevant information to serve the health needs of African American families, emphasizing awareness and promoting innovative wellness tools to improve the health of African Americans.

You'll find information on a number of health conditions, including those that disproportionately affect African Americans, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and obesity.

Be sure to check out the healthy recipes and innovative health and wellness tools, including the Family Health History Tree that helps document and track potential hereditary conditions, and the Family Reunion tool for ideas and help making healthy choices regarding nutrition, weight management, exercise and annual checkups.

Wellness Resources for Asian-Americans

Two of the leading health issues that are more prevalent in Asian-American communities are diabetes and Hepatitis B. Asian-Americans had consistently higher rates of type 2 diabetes than white Americans in the last fifteen years1 and while Asian-Americans represent only 5% of the U.S. population, more than half of the 1.3 to 1.5 million known Hepatitis B carriers in the U.S. are from this ethnic group.2

Explore the library of in-language information on health conditions commonly found in Asian-American communities at