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Checklists to Take on Your Visit


Checklists to Take on Your Visit

Be a Smart Patient
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Consider these checklists to help you prepare for your next doctor's visit.

  • Doctor's visit checklist – Even if it's just a routine checkup, review this checklist before any doctor's appointment. Download Doctor Visit Checklist (PDF format)
  • Diagnosis checklist – If your doctor diagnoses you with a problem or condition, get the full facts by ticking off these questions. Download Diagnosis Checklist (PDF format)
  • Prescription checklist – Ask your doctor these questions every time she prescribes a new medication. Download Prescription Checklist (PDF format)
  • Test checklist – If your doctor wants you to have an MRI, a CT scan or some other specialty test, ask these questions. Download Test Checklist (PDF format)
  • Healthy heart checklist – It's important to know what you can do to start living a healthy heart lifestyle. Download Healthy Heart Checklist (PDF format)
  • Cancer care checklist – Bring this card with you the next time you visit your doctor. Download Cancer Care Checklist (PDF format)
  • Surgery checklist – When your doctor says, "You need surgery," that's your cue to find out the details. Download Surgery Checklist (PDF format)
  • Discharge checklist – Review your discharge plan with both your in-hospital doctor and your primary care doctor. Download Discharge Checklist (PDF format)