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Health care success stories told by the people who lived them

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  • Specialty Pharmacy

    Ginny's pharmacist at Optum Rx Specialty Pharmacy is a trusted advisor who helps her manage her MS. Watch Story
  • Diabetes Health Plan

    Diagnosed with diabetes as a teenager, Marisol appreciates the support and resources from UnitedHealthcare. Watch Story
  • Stroke Recovery

    Mary Ann credits UnitedHealthcare for providing the services needed to resume her active life. Watch Story
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  • Saving Cassie

    Read how one family came together to help their daughter overcome an eating disorder. Read Story
  • From Organ Donor to Advocate

    Learn how one woman took a family health crisis – and turned it into a personal mission. Read Story
  • Healthy New Life

    Dieting was a constant struggle. But just shy of her 60th birthday, Linda began a life-changing journey to greater health and happiness. Read Story
StoryTellers videos and articles are true member stories. This feature is intended to be inspirational only. It is not intended to provide any medical advice or recommend any specific health care strategy. Each person's health situation is unique. Be sure to work closely with your doctor to get the care that's right for you.