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Health care success stories told by the people who lived them

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  • Diabetes Health Plan

    Diagnosed with diabetes as a teenager, Marisol appreciates the support and resources from UnitedHealthcare. Watch Story
  • Stroke Recovery

    Mary Ann credits UnitedHealthcare for providing the services needed to resume her active life. Watch Story
  • Weight-Loss Story

    Natasha made a choice to take care of her health, and UnitedHealthcare was a supportive partner. Watch Story
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  • Saving Cassie

    Read how one family came together to help their daughter overcome an eating disorder. Read Story
  • From Organ Donor to Advocate

    Learn how one woman took a family health crisis – and turned it into a personal mission. Read Story
  • Healthy New Life

    Dieting was a constant struggle. But just shy of her 60th birthday, Linda began a life-changing journey to greater health and happiness. Read Story