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Health care success stories told by the people who lived them

  • Saving Cassie

    Read how one family came together to help their daughter overcome an eating disorder. Read Story
  • From organ donor to advocate

    Learn how one woman took a family health crisis – and turned it into a personal mission. Read Story
  • Healthy New Life

    Dieting was a constant struggle. But just shy of her 60th birthday, Linda began a life-changing journey to greater health and happiness. Read Story
  • Listen to Your Body

    A medical crisis reminds one woman why it's important to speak up when pain strikes. Read Story
  • Couple's Journey Through Cancer

    A Wisconsin couple faces a frightening diagnosis – and finds tremendous support. Read Story
  • An Unexpected Gift

    When Janie Carlisle's kidneys suddenly failed, a support team and a caring stranger helped her get a second chance. Read Story
  • A Brand New Man

    After joining the "Lose and Win" weight-loss program through UnitedHealthcare, Frank dropped 70 pounds. Read Story
  • Thankful for Sisters

    Linda's twin sister called with troubling news – she'd been diagnosed with breast cancer. Read Story
  • Life-changing weight loss

    After losing 100-plus pounds, Rosemary Walton "found a life that I never knew was possible." Read Story
  • Healing Journey from Alcoholism

    Jon's abuse of alcohol ruined his marriage and nearly killed him. Then came a turning point. Read Story
  • A Grateful Heart

    Serious heart disease led to a heart transplant – a scary and complex procedure. Read Story
  • Making Good on a Promise

    After cancer and personal tragedy, she decided to make 2011 "The Year of Lori." Read Story
  • Taking Heart, Finding Happiness

    Sue worked to promote heart disease awareness. At age 48, the work became personal. Read Story
  • Special Kind of Medicine

    When Roy Robinson learned he had prostate cancer, it was the start of a journey filled with anxiety and unknowns. Read Story
  • Every Day is a Gift

    Throughout his liver transplant ordeal, John Walker received the support he needed from UnitedHealthcare. Read Story
  • Brain Tumor Intervention

    When Tyrone Wilson came to work one morning, something was clearly wrong. And, his condition didn't go unnoticed. Read Story
  • Breast Cancer Shock

    "This can't be happening to me." That's what Joni Coen thought when doctors told her she had breast cancer. Read Story
  • Speaking up for Colonoscopy

    Six years overdue for her first colon cancer screening, Susan Clark didn't think cancer was much of a threat. Read Story
  • Leading by Example

    Marty Cutrone wanted his fellow Boy Scout staffers to be good role models when it came to health and fitness. Read Story
  • A Caring Connection

    UnitedHealthcare's health coach program did more than offer guidance to a member in need. This member says it saved her life. Read Story
  • Losing Weight Can Mean a Better Life

    Losing weight is never easy. For Kevin Thomson it took serious willpower and a re-education when it came to food. Read Story
  • Good Reason to Get a Move On

    After undergoing heart bypass surgery, Joseph Podufalski's simple decision to be active saved his life. Read Story
  • Journey Back from Cancer

    When the doctor told Judy Plummer she had "multiple myeloma," she knew it meant bad news. Read Story
  • Treasure Each Year of Life

    "I reward myself with a small piece of jewelry for every year I'm in remission from cancer," says Paulette Ortego. Read Story
  • Taking Illness in Stride

    For retired pastor Steward Frazier, walking is more than exercise – it's his lifeline. Read Story
  • When Losing is Winning

    At one time Rick Salewske weighed 538 pounds. Then he turned it all around – the old-fashioned way. Read Story
  • Healing From Skin Cancer

    At age 46, Brian Patenaude noticed a bump on his forehead, which turned out to be melanoma. Read Story
  • Dealing With Dizziness

    A major car accident left Camille Simon feeling off balance. Was it more than a concussion? Read Story
  • Case Managers Give Helping Hand

    When Joseph Lopez learned he needed a liver transplant, he was scared and overwhelmed. Read Story
  • Snuffing Out Cigarette Habit

    When his kindergarten-age daughter asked, "Why do you smoke?" it caught Fred Evans off guard. Read Story
  • From Migraines to Health

    Cynthia Anderson suffered debilitating migraines. The symptoms were so unbearable, she began missing work. Read Story
  • Healing From Heart Attack

    Sandy O'Donnell blamed her fatigue on heat exhaustion. What happened next was beyond unexpected. Read Story
  • Meeting Cancer Head On

    When his kidney cancer recurred, Oliver Sasse's prospects didn't seem promising. Read Story
  • Surviving a Stroke

    Despite a life-threatening stroke, Lorra Dorr is alive to talk about her ordeal. Read Story
  • Regular Mammograms

    In the midst of confusion and fear, Renee Brotz realized that the mammogram had been her life line. Read Story