Living with Diabetes

Disease management program is a reassuring, positive voice to dispel confusion and support healthy living.
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Managing Health Care Expenses

The tools on enable Melissa to manage her health care expenses and find the right provider.
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Getting Help with Managing Medications

Ginny's pharmacist at Optum Rx Specialty Pharmacy is a trusted advisor who helps her manage her MS.
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Staying Healthy with Diabetes

Diagnosed with diabetes as a teenager, Marisol appreciates the support and resources from UnitedHealthcare.
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Renewing an Active Life

Mary Ann credits UnitedHealthcare for providing the therapy needed to resume her active life.
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Nurse Provides Peace of Mind

Richard's pharmaceutical nurse watches over his care and provides peace of mind.
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Getting Help with NurseLine

When her husband was diagnosed with cancer, Susan called NurseLine to discuss her concerns. The call helped them gain precious months together.
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Finding the Right Hospital

In need of a heart transplant, Ketan relied on the Center for Excellence program to find a hospital that was qualified and experienced in the procedure.
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Selecting a Provider with Confidence

UnitedHealthcare's network of physicians and facilities enables employees to feel confident their health care needs will be addressed.
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Finding Specialty Doctors

During his senior year of college, Alex was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor. The Center of Excellence program directed him to experienced doctors and facilities.

Services Designed Around Employee Needs

UnitedHealthcare's strong market presence enables the County to provide quality benefits to employees and value to the taxpayers.


Helping You Through Your Situation

Health Advisors take ownership of your situation and stay involved, following up as necessary until your concerns are addressed.

Answering Your Questions

A team of registered nurses available to answer your health questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Helping to Keep People Healthy

Keeping people healthy means they will spend less, and health care professionals can be free to focus on patients with more serious needs.

Resources for Health Care Professionals

UnitedHealthcare offers resources that help health care professionals save time and serve their patients.

Living with a Chronic Illness

A UnitedHealthcare Wellness Program can greatly increase your chances of getting healthy, staying healthy or living with a chronic illness.

Early Detection with Routine Screenings

Jim took his health for granted, until routine biometric screening showed results that were slightly off. Fortunately, he followed up with his physician and received treatment in time.