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Alex Kip

Columbus, Ohio

Center of Excellence

During his senior year of college, Alex was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor. The UnitedHealthcare Center of Excellence program directed him to a facility with experienced doctors and a track record of success for his type of condition.


Alex has been pretty busy since filming his Storyteller video in 2011. He's moved to New York to launch a career in theater and was immediately cast in a world premiere play called Jackson Heights, 3 A.M. It was then he began working on his first play called My Other Voice – a story of his journey with cancer. The play opened in the summer of 2013 at the Arthur Miller Theatre.

The play was well received, even named "Best of the Best" by the Detroit Free Press. Although Alex says one of the best parts of it all is that he's been able to design workshops around the show, spurring poignant discussion on the state of health care and physician-patient relationships among community members and cancer organizations.

Alex's next adventure includes developing the show into a curriculum for hospitals and health care providers as a way to educate, inspire and inform.

On top of it all, he continues his acting career in New York and has appeared in numerous TV spots, short films and commercials.

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