Finding a Doctor

Dave Kuntz

Volunteer firefighter

When faced with a serious or rare medical condition, UnitedHealthcare guides members to hospitals and facilities that are highly specialized in treating the condition, giving them a better chance at successful treatment.


Though the last four years have been an emotional roller coaster since his three-step open-heart surgery, Tekoa has has emerged as a "superhero," his father says.

His last surgery, which was in June 2012, was done at a specialized facility where his recovery time was an amazing nine days, half the time of what average recovery is for surgeries of that scope.

He is now doing great and most wouldn't notice his condition as he's able to do any activity he wants, just as any normal 4-year-old boy would. The only sign being the scar he wears proudly on his chest, calling it "strippe" as he often yells when ripping off his shirt to show all who's boss.

And although this will be a life-long journey for Tekoa, it has taught his parents not to settle for second best, or even close to that.