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UnitedHealthcare is pleased to announce a new relationship with 2nd.MD

UnitedHealthcare is pleased to announce a new relationship with 2nd.MD as of May 1 2017. 2nd.MD provides health education services to individuals who may be considering certain surgical procedures.  

This new service is provided at no additional cost to UnitedHealthcare plan members who are considering certain surgical procedures and qualify for this health education program. Participation in the 2nd.MD program is entirely voluntary.

When a member chooses to participate in the 2nd.MD education program, 2nd.MD will facilitate member access to personalized health education (by video or phone) from medical specialists at institutions across the U.S. Qualified members will be contacted directly by 2nd.MD to assist them in making informed treatment decisions about their care. Shared decision making has been known to help:

  • Patients make better, more informed choices regarding their care
  • Provide patients with treatment options, including benefits and risks
  • Improve health outcomes with less variation in care
  • Improve alignment between patient and physician on treatment options
  • Increase patient satisfaction

We are very happy to offer this new health education program and encourage members to take advantage of this new program if contacted.

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