UnitedHealthcare Catalyst™

UHC Catalyst pairs community need with data insights to empower change

Understanding health challenges and identifying care gaps in the community is essential to helping the health care system work better for everyone. Did you know that 80% of a person’s health care is determined by factors outside a doctor’s office?1 UnitedHealthcare CatalystTM focuses on the communities where our members live in an effort to advance health equity and improve outcomes.

Our goal is to achieve successful outcomes by:

  • Building trust, connecting and collaborating with community partners
  • Creating repeatable, long-term solutions for high-priority community health needs
  • Providing a large-scale, visible and actionable approach to help solve health inequities
  • Informing future health care strategies by recognizing that “health” is as much social as it is clinical

Understanding communities’ biggest health needs

UnitedHealthcare Catalyst brings together detailed community health data analysis and voices in the community to better understand the highest-priority health challenges. Collective input from community leaders and community members guides the Catalyst approach in determining the most important health and social needs to measure and address.

UnitedHealthcare Catalyst areas of focus

Some of the focus areas selected by our partner communities include:

  • Chronic condition management, largely centering on diabetes and nutrition
  • Behavioral and mental health, which includes housing and health education support
  • Maternal and child health addressing racial disparities
  • Care access and affordability

Building solutions to help improve health outcomes

After data analysis and community listening, the next step is to work toward an achievable, sustainable solution for the community health need. These are the steps it takes to get there.

  • Connect with community partners to collectively develop the program. It’s important that everyone’s voice is heard, and the decision making is a shared effort.
  • Define clear roles, responsibilities and measurable outcomes. That way, we can drive real change and make sure our collective efforts support both partner goals and community needs.
  • Measure and refine. We track success by measuring outcomes. This helps refine the approach if needed and provide sustainable solutions.

Supporting communities across the country

One of UnitedHealthcare Catalyst’s guiding principles is that we can do more together than we ever could apart. We partner with more than 30 communities in 28 states across the country. Nearly 100 community-level partners collaborate with us. These include public housing agencies, federally qualified health centers (FQHCs), faith-based organizations, academic institutions, community-based organizations (CBOs) and more.