Advocate4Me: helping to improve the consumer experience

Advocate4Me: helping to improve the consumer experience

Building on our clinical, wellness and member service capabilities over the past several years, our latest service innovation – Advocate4Me™ – is designed to create a more simplified way for consumers and their families to engage in health care. Advocate4Me is where technology and human interaction meet to help clear away member confusion, guide consumers to the care that's right for them, enable access to that care and make health care more affordable.

How Advocate4Me works

Through our exclusive Predictive Personalization, we use technology, analytics and member data across medical, behavioral, clinical and pharmacy, which provides us with a view of each member's health, health care interactions and attitudes.

Data analytics and our technology platforms enable early identification of a member's health care support needs, enabling us to anticipate and respond to questions and concerns using their preferences.

Advocate4Me connects consumers through a single toll-free number or their preferred communication channel with an Advocate who "owns" a member's request until it's resolved.

Advocates help employees take ownership of their health care and earn their trust as they help them understand their benefits, assess the right care, which may potentially save them time and money, and perhaps most importantly, make more informed health care decisions.

Advocates have a broad team of specialists from clinical, wellness, behavioral, financial, pharmacy and medical plan that can be tapped into when needed.