Mineral coming soon to Level Funded plans in Kansas, Missouri

Mineral™ offers built-in support to help small businesses handle HR and compliance matters.

UnitedHealthcare Level Funded plans are designed to give smaller-sized employers a different way to balance cost savings they’re looking for while providing attractive benefits to their employees. And effective Oct. 1, 2022, UnitedHealthcare level Funded plans will include MineralTM.

Mineral is designed to help small businesses reduce the administrative burden of managing human resource (HR) and compliance issues.

With direct access to the Mineral Platform™, plan sponsors can view resources and tools to help them tackle day-to-day matters, such as:

  • Building and maintaining an employee handbook
  • Operating in multiple states
  • Addressing harassment, diversity and inclusion
  • Reaching a live, HR-certified expert who can answer questions in real time

UnitedHealthcare Level Funded plans with Mineral will be available to new and renewing groups located in Kansas and Northwest Missouri with 5 to 99 employees.

For more information, download this Mineral flier or contact your UnitedHealthcare representative. 

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