Out-of-area network change for Oxford Liberty members

Oxford members with Liberty Network plans will have the UnitedHealthcare Core Network for out-of-area coverage, beginning with Sept. 1 effective dates.

The UnitedHealthcare Core Network is replacing the UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus Network for out-of-area coverage for New York and New Jersey clients with Oxford Liberty Network health plans.

This change will go into effect upon renewal for existing business, beginning with Sept. 1 plan effective dates for fully insured, self-funded and level-funded Liberty members.

In states when the UnitedHealthcare Core Network is not available, Oxford Liberty network members will have access to a full network that mirrors the UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus Network. 2

In-network access to the Liberty Network plan remains unchanged.

Connecticut clients

The Oxford Liberty Network will now provide national network access for all Connecticut Liberty Network plans, effective Sept. 1 for new business and upon renewal for existing business. With the addition of the national UnitedHealthcare Core Network, your Connecticut clients’ employees can feel confident about having access to care if traveling outside of the tri-state service area.1

Provider search

Members are encouraged to confirm what network a provider is in prior to seeking care. They can do this online at myuhc.com® or by calling the phone number on the back of their health plan ID card.

Members can sign-in to myuhc.com to search for Oxford Liberty Network providers. Upon renewal, beginning with Sept. 1 plan effective dates, Core Network providers will appear in the provider search tool when an Oxford Liberty member searches for out-of-area providers.


Employers in Connecticut, New Jersey and New York with Oxford Liberty Network plans will be notified of this change via their renewal packages. In addition, all Oxford Liberty Network members will receive new member ID cards indicating UnitedHealthcare Core for out-of-area network access.

Oxford Liberty Network members in New York and New Jersey who have visited a provider in the last 12 months who is no longer available for out-of-network coverage will receive a letter notifying them of this change upon their renewal date or on or after Sept. 1.

The following sample materials are intended to help communicate this change with clients:

About the UnitedHealthcare Core network

The UnitedHealthcare Core Network includes 895,806 physicians and health care professionals and 5,001 hospitals.3

For more information, please contact your Oxford representative or client services at 1-888-201-4216 or email oxfordgroupservices@uhc.com.

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