UnitedHealthcare specialty plans offer West Virginia employers a competitive benefits package while helping drive down cost

Learn about the specialty plans offered to West Virginia employers. 

February 17, 2022

UnitedHealthcare specialty plans help enhance employers’ benefits packages while working to drive down their total cost of care. Integrated benefits may allow employers and their employees get more vale out of their health plan at a lower cost.

Choice, coverage and savings

Flexible plan options let employers choose plans that help fit their budget and may help attract and retain employees. Employers may offer these products as employee-paid (voluntary), employer-paid or shared funding.

Dental plans

  • Customizable plans for a variety of prices
  • Support access to 7,300+ Mid-Atlantic unique network providers1
  • Provide wellness benefits and programs

Vision plans

  • Customizable plans for a variety of budgets
  • Supports access to 1,690+ unique network providers[1] in the Mid-Atlantic region
  • Network includes 481 of the top national retailers

Life, disability, and supplemental health plans

Helps provide financial security, supports high-deductible health plan (HDHP)/health savings account (HSA) strategies and may help improve productivity

  • Includes life and supplemental life
  • Includes short-term and long-term disability with absence management services (e.g., family and medical Leave)
  • Includes supplemental health plans (Accident, Critical Illness and Hospital Indemnity)

To learn more about Specialty plans or to request a quote for your clients, contact your UnitedHealthcare representative.