The future of health care: What matters to employers

Research conducted by Advisory Board and commissioned by UnitedHealthcare revealed the kinds of innovation employers are seeking in the health care industry. 

To better understand the kind of innovation employers are seeking in the health care industry, UnitedHealthcare commissioned the Advisory Board to conduct a survey of 205 benefit leaders across a wide range of employer sizes, industries and markets throughout the U.S.

When asked about the health care-related innovations they would like to see emerge in the next few years, 5 key findings emerged, with respondents indicating interest in:

  1. Scalable innovations that address top priorities
  2. More support in managing chronic conditions, with digital health as a key solution
  3. Technology aimed at improving access and reducing costs
  4. Innovative plan designs that prioritize simplicity and cost-effectiveness
  5. Cross-industry innovation, especially between integrated health care solution companies and providers

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