Clinical insights reveal the health trends and issues defining early 2023

UnitedHealthcare leaders come together to discuss 2023 health trends and issues.

UnitedHealthcare leaders share the clinical data and insights that are driving the latest health trends and issues.

Respiratory illnesses, the “return to health” phenomenon and the state of our nation’s health are all top-of-mind as the focus shifts to 2023. The economic environment, coupled with a looming recession, are adding to those challenges.

In the latest UnitedHealthcare Briefing, UnitedHealthcare leaders – Chief Growth Officer Brandon Cuevas, Vice President of Advanced Analytics Craig Kurtzweil and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Rhonda Randall – share their clinical insights on the health trends and issues that are likely to continue into 2023. 

Watch the Dec. 14 UnitedHealthcare Briefing

A summary of the topics covered

During the briefing, Cuevas, Kurtzweil and Randall analyze the prevalence of flu, COVID-19 and RSV cases – and the respective ramifications for employers. Even as respiratory illness rates rise, UnitedHealthcare is seeing a "return to health" – members who postponed medical visits, therapies and procedures due to the pandemic are making those appointments once again. The end of the public health emergency will also mean that some of the costs of health care that were previously waived will go back into effect. Plus, the recently released America’s Health Rankings 2022 Annual Report revealed a widening gap of racial and ethnic disparities, which may only be exacerbated by the challenging economic environment – underscoring the need for continued work in the health equity space.

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