Study finds that engagement with Level2 leads to improved type 2 diabetes outcomes

Value-based care solution, Level2, helps members with type 2 diabetes improve control over their condition, while also reducing costs.

In a study recently showcased at the 2024 American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions, 73% of UnitedHealthcare members enrolled in Level2 with a starting hemoglobin A1C above 7.0 had a clinically meaningful improvement in this measurement. Among members included in the study, the average reduction in A1C was 1.39 percentage points after one year and 1.36 at two years, demonstrating that Level2 can lead to sustained, lower glucose levels among participants.1

Level2®, a value-based care solution that combines wearable technology with customized clinical support, aims to help improve the health of people living with type 2 diabetes.

Level2 is a virtual care organization designed to help people living with type 2 diabetes work to improve their blood sugar levels, improve their health, and even work towards remission. 

13.3% higher productivity costs and 2x higher medical costs for employees with type 2 diabetes compared to those without diabetes3

Grounded in metabolic and behavioral science, Level2 equips eligible participants with continuous glucose monitors (CGM) and personalized support from a care team to help encourage healthier lifestyle decisions, like food choices, exercise and sleep patterns.

Level2 aims to help reduce eligible employers’ overall cost of care by improving health outcomes and avoiding costly complications.

What this means for employers? With about 11.5% of Americans living with diabetes,2 employers likely have a significant portion of their workforces managing diabetes or prediabetes. Type 2 diabetes diagnoses have a direct impact on productivity and costs.

“Type 2 diabetes and related complications are largely preventable,” says Dr. Donna O’Shea, chief medical officer of population health for UnitedHealthcare. “With the right support, it can also be more effectively managed through a combination of consistent lifestyle changes, helping achieve better health and avoiding costly complications. That can be good news for workers, their families and their employers.”

For eligible employers with self-funded health plans, the Level2 Assured Value Program can not only help eligible employees better manage and potentially even improve their type 2 diabetes, but also aims to ensure employers realize value from their paid program fees.

Here’s how the Level2 program assures eligible employers realize value:

  • For eligible employers with more than 125 covered employees with type 2 diabetes, 100% of program fees are reconciled against the actual medical and pharmacy claims savings generated, assuring employers realize value
  • If the value generated is less than the eligible employer’s paid program fees, Level2 returns the difference to the employer

Eligible employers can add the Level2 Assured Value Program to most UnitedHealthcare administered plans. The reduction in the employer’s overall cost of care is achieved by improving health outcomes and avoiding costly complications of unmanaged type 2 diabetes, as well as by reducing member reliance on medications.

How Level2 helped one employer better manage their type 2 diabetes spend

To help employees better manage their type 2 diabetes, Midwest automotive group Gurley Leep Automotive Family started offering its employees Level2.

With Level2, Gurley Leep employees and their dependent family members were able to earn 100% coverage on common type 2 diabetes medication, supplies, lab work and PCP visits by engaging in activities that help manage their condition.

In its first year of offering Level2, Gurley Leep experienced higher engagement among employees than they had with their previous diabetes management program in addition to 5% guaranteed savings — and many employees are thrilled at the results.

“With Level2, UnitedHealthcare is working to change the impact of type 2 diabetes by helping people better manage their condition using continuous glucose monitoring, coaching, lifestyle modifications and medication management,” said Dr. Rhonda L. Randall, chief medical officer for UnitedHealthcare Employer & Individual. 

“Level2 is one way we are working to reduce the impact of type 2 diabetes by helping people work to improve their condition while offering employers incentives to adopt evidence-based solutions. Level2’s combination of data, technology and personal support can help members achieve better health and support employers seeking to address potentially one of their biggest drivers of medical costs.”

— Dr. Rhonda Randall, Chief Medical Officer, UnitedHealthcare Employer & Individual

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