National Account client survey revealed high levels of customer satisfaction

The results of the 2022 National Account Customer Satisfaction survey displayed another year of strong customer satisfaction.

UnitedHealthcare recently received the results of its annual National Account Customer Satisfaction survey.1 Customer feedback through surveys like this is key to helping UnitedHealthcare bring differentiated value to its clients and consumers.

The survey, which gathered feedback from 86% of National Account clients between Oct. 31 and Nov. 30 of 2022, showed high levels of customer satisfaction in many areas. It also revealed areas of opportunity.

Celebrating success

The latest survey revealed high levels of customer satisfaction among UnitedHealthcare National Account clients, a continuation of their strong experience from 2021 to 2022. In fact, 93% of respondents said they were highly likely to recommend UnitedHealthcare to a colleague. The results are attributed to record-high levels of account management performance and significant improvements in demonstrating value, managing cost and delivering clinical programs. Also contributing to these results was a notable improvement in the performance of behavioral health solutions.  

The survey also garnered qualitative comments, which demonstrated strong levels of customer satisfaction. Many clients expressed happiness with their account management teams describing them as “outstanding,” “amazing” or “excellent”— and saying that their teams regularly went “above and beyond” in explaining changes to their benefits or keeping them updated on regulatory issues. That’s why 98% of respondents were highly satisfied with their UnitedHealthcare account team last year.

Identifying opportunities

While the survey revealed a lot of positive feedback, it also identified areas where UnitedHealthcare can continue to grow in supporting its National Account customers.  

For example, customers indicated that a personal relationship with their account teams remains a priority, which is why UnitedHealthcare is committed to continue bringing forward proactive and strategic perspectives to the table, while also remaining nimble and responsive to challenges and opportunities that arise. 

Seeing increasingly innovative clinical and behavioral health programs that are integrated with employees’ other benefits is another important consideration among National Account customers. To meet the growing demand for these types of programs, UnitedHealthcare is focused on expanding access to quality providers and delivering health care experiences that are easy, personalized and engaging for their employees.

Cutting across many of these priorities is the ability for UnitedHealthcare to continue demonstrating the value and effectiveness of solutions designed to help improve health, reduce costs and create a better experience for employees.

Moving forward

Surveys like this offer a barometer on how UnitedHealthcare is doing in its aim to provide access to simpler, more affordable and supportive care.

This National Account Customer Satisfaction survey also underscores the importance of the commitments UnitedHealthcare has made looking to the future, which include:

  • Leveraging data and insights to curate solutions designed to drive more informed health decisions
  • Helping people navigate a fragmented system through personalized advocacy and strategies like innovative plan design
  • Enhancing benefits through internal and external collaboration, connecting digital, virtual and in-person care across medical, pharmacy, behavioral and specialty
  • Reducing the total cost of care to deliver more value
  • Building healthier communities by fighting systemic inequalities and addressing social determinants of health (SDOH)

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