New Digital Benefit Summary tool available for All Savers Alternate Funding and Level Funded customers

Tool allows brokers to generate Summary of Benefits and Coverage, and Benefit Summaries more easily.

The Digital Benefit Summary (DBS) tool, an enterprise-wide solution for generating a Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) and Benefit Summaries (formerly known as Plan Highlights), is now used to generate All Savers® Alternate Funding, UnitedHealthcare Level Funded and Oxford Level Funded presale and renewal documents. These documents are a vital part of the sales process and help UnitedHealthcare meet the needs of current and prospective clients.

Along with the incorporation of the DBS tool, brokers will experience various other enhancements, including:

  • offers a new page under the Resources tab called Benefit Summaries & SBCs. Brokers can complete filters on the left side of the screen to retrieve a UnitedHealthcare Level Funded, Oxford Level Funded or All Savers Alternate Funding SBC or Benefit Summary.
  • provides brokers a single sign on (SSO) to from the location where they previously would have generated an SBC or Plan Highlight (now known as a Benefit Summary).

Important considerations

The DBS tool will display every plan offered for All Savers Alternate Funding, UnitedHealthcare Level Funded and Oxford Level Funded will display in every state. For example, Oxford Level Funded will be visible in all states, and Flex Focus, a plan type only available in a few states, will also be visible in all states.

Quoting tools and state plan grids outline available plans in each state and should be used as a guide in locating the SBC or Benefit Summary in the new DBS tool.

For questions on the DBS tool, please contact your UnitedHealthcare representative.

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