How Surest transformed one employee’s pregnancy journey

Melanie is no stranger to pregnancy – nor to the accompanying bills. Over the last 8 years, she’s had 3 full-term pregnancies, 3 C-section deliveries and 3 healthy boys – but the costs associated with her youngest son’s birth were significantly less than his older brothers, thanks to her health plan.

Hear how Surest helped give Melanie and her growing family peace of mind

A better experience, driven by cost transparency

A couple years prior to her youngest son’s birth, Melanie switched her family’s health insurance coverage to Surest, a UnitedHealthcare company.

"I decided to switch to Surest due to its cost transparency and because it took less out of my paycheck. I was also intrigued by its simple digital experience and have since been amazed by the customer service," she said. "However, why I’m staying is the cost, which has been the number one factor as I’ve grown my family."

That choice saved Melanie upwards of $4,000 during her third pregnancy. Under the Surest plan, her total cost came out to $920 compared to $5,000 to $6,000 under her previous high deductible plan, and this $920 cost included all her prenatal doctor’s appointments, ultrasounds, checkups associated with her gestational diabetes diagnosis and hospital birth.

Beyond the significantly lower cost, Melanie also appreciated being able to see the costs and what was covered before ever walking into the doctor’s office.

"Upon finding out I was expecting my third child, I opened the Surest app and immediately could see what the cumulative cost would be for my pregnancy – nearly 9 months in advance," Melanie said. "I didn’t believe it, so I called customer service, and, sure enough, they confirmed."

That level of cost transparency allowed Melanie and her family to budget accordingly, which meant they could focus on nurturing their growing family rather than worrying about the accumulating bills.

An app designed to be easy-to-use, supporting life’s big and little events

Since welcoming her third boy into the world, Melanie has continued to find value with the Surest plan. From no deductibles or coinsurance to its upfront pricing model and intuitive digital experience, Surest is designed to help support families like Melanie through both the big and little life events.

"It’s as easy as shopping for groceries online," she said.

As a mom of 3, Melanie spends a fair amount of time taking her kids to the doctor’s office for everything from wellness visits to sick visits.

"Sick visit costs for multiple children can add up quickly, especially when you don’t know how much is truly owed on a deductible plan," she says. "With Surest, I have confidence in knowing what I’m going to pay before going in."

Having a health plan that helps make those decisions a no-brainer is key to why Melanie calls herself a "Surest super fan" and continues to renew year after year.

A health plan that aims to drive lower costs and better experiences

Adding Surest as a health plan option helped several employers achieve lower costs and a better health care experience for their employees.

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