A UnitedHealthcare Briefing on health care cost trends

Advisory Board researchers join UnitedHealthcare leaders for a discussion on health care cost trends and the importance of strategic cost management.

Whether it’s managing costs amid a challenging economy, understanding the clinical trends impacting employers or staying up on the latest regulatory changes, there’s a lot to consider just one month into 2023.

In a recent UnitedHealthcare Briefing, Advisory Board researchers joined UnitedHealthcare leaders to discuss the state of the health care industry and the economic pressures being felt by health systems, providers, health plan carriers and employers.

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Topic Rundown

  • (01:15-09:22) UnitedHealthcare Vice President of Advanced Analytics Craig Kurtzweil provides an analysis on trends in claims data and cost drivers as they pertain to COVID-19, generational shifts and care utlization patterns
  • (09:22-29:08)  Advisory Board Health Plan Research Director Mallory Kirby and Health System Research Director Vidal Seegobin unpack the economic challenges impacting various sectors of the health care industry
  • (29:08-39:40)  UnitedHealthcare Regional CEO Beth Soberg discusses the long-term strategies employers can implement to better manage costs
  • (39:40-47:03)  UnitedHealthcare Chief Growth Officer Brandon Cuevas distills the gargantuan Omnibus Bill and previews what’s to come around Medicaid redeterminations

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