Case study: See how a school district's benefit strategy helps drive healthy behaviors and lower costs

Sioux City Community School District Iowa builds a supportive culture of wellness and health for its employees every day

As teachers and staff work hard every day serving over 15,000 students, Kim Smith, the Benefits & Insurance Manager, and human resources work behind the scenes to ensure they feel supported by the Sioux City Community School District.

A strategy focused on helping the staff take full advantage of their UnitedHealthcare health insurance benefits plays an important role in assisting the district manage its costs. As a fully insured client, benefit packages include wellness and chronic disease management programs.

Since partnering with UnitedHealthcare in 2013, the district has implemented initiatives to address the physical, mental and emotional well-being of its staff 2,000 and their families. Data and insights from UnitedHealthcare help Smith determine the best ways to support the staff. These efforts include how to increase employee participation in an activity-based incentive program, and communications about behavioral health benefits during the pandemic. 

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