Delivering an enhanced experience for some UnitedHealthcare Neighborhood Health Plan clients in Florida

Services updates beginning November 1, 2024, impacting some new and renewing NHP small business and large group clients. 

Beginning November 1, 2024, UnitedHealthcare is expanding to deliver an enhanced, modernized service experience to some new and renewing UnitedHealthcare Neighborhood Health Plan (NHP) small business and large group clients in Florida. For the renewing clients, these changes will become effective upon their upcoming renewal.

An important informational guide for employers and brokers will be included in the automated ACA renewal package available on For 51+ clients, a copy will be provided with each client’s renewal.

This guide contains necessary information for clients for this transition to the modernized experience. 

1. Employer groups will receive a new group number at renewal.

  • The new group number will be listed on ACA renewal packages. If plan changes are made, it will also be listed on the plan change confirmation email after groups confirm their renewal with UnitedHealthcare.
  • The new group number will facilitate new health plan ID cards. This flier will be available to members enrolled encouraging use of new ID cards. Brokers should consider working with impacted employer groups to send this information to their members.

2. If clients use Optum Bank to administer their health savings account (HSA), UnitedHealthcare will transition all plan details automatically for enrolled members. New member debit cards are not necessary. To administer their plan, employer groups will receive an email from Optum Bank, including instructions on how to re-register with their new group number.

3. Based on a client’s current elections, there may be additional changes that are outlined in the guide, such as billing and payment information, and how they work with third party administrators (such as payroll and eligibility vendors).

4. The only impact to members is that they will receive a new ID card.

  • All members will still use®. If a member is already registered on, they can continue to use the same HealthSafe ID® they use today.
  • Prior authorizations, accumulators and primary care provider elections will automatically transition with the member.

5. Employers and brokers can find plan information, manage members, download copies of health plan ID cards, and view or pay their invoices on our employer site,

  • Users of the Employer eServices site will be able to log in to with their existing One Healthcare ID and password.

Because of the complexity of managing health benefits, UnitedHealthcare will introduce products, group size segments and funding types to these tools in thoughtfully planned and sequenced stages. Throughout the process, anything not yet supported on the tools will continue to be supported on existing UnitedHealthcare systems until they are transitioned.

For more information, please contact your UnitedHealthcare representative.

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