Study reveals how the Surest health plan can help foster affordable and equitable care

A third-party study reveals the Surest health plan from UnitedHealthcare can reduce the total cost of care for employers, helping to make health care more affordable.

A leading global professional services firm released a study showing the Surest® health plan from UnitedHealthcare delivers more affordable and equitable care.  

The study found the Surest health plan — a copay-driven plan that allows members to see the full cost of care before they seek care — led to lower claim costs exceeding $400 per member per year.1 Plus, improved spend and utilization were observed in all age groups, over multiple years and across various conditions, including:

  • 12% lower costs for the treatment of migraines
  • 11% lower costs for mental health, including mood disorders
  • 10% lower costs for anxiety
  • 8% lower costs for back pain
  • 7% lower costs for diabetes

The study compared Surest members to a broad control group of employees with matching demographics, geographies, and health conditions representing typical benefit plans in the market.


A one-pager on the Surest study

Third-party research shows a reduction in total cost of care, sustained over time, across demographics, conditions, and comorbidities with the Surest health plan.

With 38% of Americans avoiding or delaying health care due to the expense,2 reducing costs may improve access to health care and help promote a more equitable health care system.

“This study demonstrates that the Surest health plan is a compelling option for employers, including for consumers of all ages and with a wide range of health conditions.”

— Dan Kueter, CEO, UnitedHealthcare Employer & Individual

Surest is a health plan, offered through UnitedHealthcare, which eliminates deductibles and offers clear, upfront pricing information to members in advance of treatment. This transparency around pricing helps make health care more affordable for people of all ages and with various common conditions and comorbidities, according to the study.

UnitedHealthcare offers the Surest plan to employers with 51 or more employees nationwide with self-funded health plans and to employers with 51 or more employees in 37 states with fully insured health plans. Take a look.

“The plan’s innovative design, including an intuitive digital experience, variable copays and upfront cost and coverage information, is helping promote health equity while enabling consumers to more frequently select the right care, at the right time and in the right setting,” Kueter says.

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