UnitedHealthcare and 2nd.MD collaborate to provide members with expert medical opinions

This service is offered to all UnitedHealthcare Commercial ASO members and to UnitedHealthcare Fully Insured members in IN, KS, KY, MD, NC, SD and TX.

Since 2017, UnitedHealthcare has collaborated with 2nd.MD to provide a no-cost, member-focused expert medical opinion service to members. 2nd.MD virtually connects members who are facing a serious or expensive health care decision with a top expert in the field to review their case and provide a second opinion on their best options. UnitedHealthcare offers this service in certain health plans:

  • UnitedHealthcare Commercial ASO (all specialties and sub-specialties)
  • UnitedHealthcare Fully Insured for the following states: IN, KS, KY, MD, NC, SD, TX (spine and joint conditions)

UnitedHealthcare aims to empower members to make better, more deliberate health care choices by helping them evaluate the pros and cons of various treatment options. The shared decision-making between patient and provider may help improve health outcomes, alignment between patient and physician, and patient satisfaction.

Expert medical opinion services can also improve health equity by closing gaps in health care quality and access. The virtual access to top experts means members who live in a health care desert are no longer limited to the provider options in their area.

With 2nd.MD, eligible members can connect with a specialist to gain in-depth education about their condition and explore treatment options. This service is offered to members at no additional cost. Note that 2nd.MD specialists provide education and a treatment path; they will not begin treatment for a member or determine health plan benefit coverage. A second opinion through 2nd.MD is designed to help members:

  • Ensure they have the correct diagnosis
  • Learn about other treatment options and medications
  • Confirm if a recommended surgery is right for them
  • Get answers to their questions from a leading expert
  • Gain information to help them determine that they are on the best path to better health

2nd.MD’s Personalized Outreach Program

One of 2nd.MD’s caring and compassionate Health Advocates may reach out to eligible members to discuss how they could personally benefit from an expert second opinion. This program is designed to provide valuable engagement and education to eligible members facing major medical decisions, such as surgery, to help them make informed decisions about their care.

While 2nd.MD services are included as part of the UnitedHealthcare plan, no claims data is shared without the member’s consent. Additionally, information shared with a 2nd.MD specialist and care team is completely confidential and is in no way used by UnitedHealthcare to make coverage determinations.

Prior Authorization Note

If a customer contacts Sales and Account/Client Management after receiving a call from 2nd.MD, remind them that UnitedHealthcare’s Prior Authorization process remains the same, operating independently of the 2nd.MD program.


The 2nd.MD alliance continues UnitedHealthcare’s ongoing commitment to integrating shared decision-making between the patient and physician into clinical care. Patient decision-support processes are recognized across the industry and have been shown to increase patients' knowledge, satisfaction with decisions, accuracy of risk perceptions and active involvement in decision-making. The 2nd.MD program joins UnitedHealthcare’s other treatment decision support tools, including coronary, bariatric, women's health (including breast cancer), men's health (including prostate disease), and musculoskeletal transplant support tools used to enhance patients’ health care decision-making. It’s critical to fully engage patients in their health care decisions by ensuring they have a complete understanding of the facts around their medical decisions.

About 2nd.MD

2nd.MD is a nationwide virtual second opinion service, connecting individuals facing high-impact conditions with the resources they need to feel confident as they navigate their health care journey. When facing a new diagnosis, surgery or medication change, access to 2nd.MD’s extensive network of top specialists and compassionate care team helps members understand their diagnosis and the latest evidence-based treatment options to make informed decisions about their care.

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