UnitedHealthcare introducing available off-cycle Level Funded portfolio updates

The Sept. 1, 2023, case effective dates off-cycle portfolio release will bring additional plan options to Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi and New Hampshire.

UnitedHealthcare is excited to introduce the off-cycle Level Funded portfolio updates available for Sept. 1, 2023, case effective dates.

This off-cycle release will provide:

  • SelectColorado™ in Colorado
  • Expansion of Core Essential and Charter in Georgia
  • Major Health Partners (MHP) in Indiana
  • Select Tiering in Louisiana and Mississippi
  • The launch of UnitedHealthcare Level Funded plans in New Hampshire


SelectColorado™ brings tiered benefit exclusive provider organization (EPO) plans on the Select Network available in 14 counties in Colorado.1

SelectColorado is designed to offer plan participants a more holistic experience at a lower cost.

A primary care physician (PCP) is required and plan participants receive the highest level of benefits and lower costs for covered services when they choose a Tier 1 PCP. Their PCP acts as a partner, coordinating their care across the network.

Better coordination of care is designed to help employees get the care that’s right for them — with the goal of lower costs, more convenience and healthier outcomes. 


Core Essential and Charter will now be available in Georgia in designated counties in the Atlanta and Columbus area2 with a defined group of network hospitals and providers. The national Core network is available when members access in-network care outside of the designated service area.

  • Core Essential will be available to group size 2–300 eligible and will include traditional and health savings account (HSA) EPOs, Primary Focus EPOs and Performance EPOs.
  • Charter will be available to group size 51–300 eligible, offering PCP-directed traditional EPOs and HSA EPOs.


UnitedHealthcare Level Funded plans will be offered in Indiana through Major Health Partners (MHP).

Major Health Partners will help deliver access to care designed with affordability and quality in mind. With MHP plans, plan participants get lower copays for primary and designated specialist visits and plan sponsors can expect lower medical costs than UnitedHealthcare Level Funded traditional plans.

Plan participants can find participating providers using the MHP physician search. Plans are only available in Shelby County.

Louisiana and Mississippi

Select Tiering will be available in Louisiana and Mississippi for Sept. 1 or later effective dates.

UnitedHealthcare is offering a Level Funded plan in collaboration with Ochsner Health in Louisiana and North Mississippi Health Services and St. Dominic Hospital.

This will provide a patient-centered health plan designed to help promote better health and lower costs. These Level Funded plans are available in certain counties in Louisiana3 and Mississippi.4

Tiered benefits are built on traditional UnitedHealthcare Level Funded plans and include additional features that help encourage employees and covered family members to receive their care from providers with facilities that may offer a greater value, with the flexibility to access the larger network at higher cost-sharing.

Tier 1 doctors, hospitals and other health care providers may offer the greatest value for health care benefits. A PCP is required; however, with our open access plan, referrals are not required to see a network specialist.

New Hampshire

A full launch of UnitedHealthcare Level Funded plans will be conducted in New Hampshire with Oct. 1, 2023, quote ready date for Nov. 1, 2023, case effective dates.

UnitedHealthcare Level Funded offers an arrangement designated for Small Business (5–99 eligible employees) and mid-size Key Accounts (100–300 eligible employees). Our portfolio of PPOs and EPOs will include Traditional and HSA plan designs. All plans will include HealthiestYou, Rally, Real Appeal and UnitedHealthcare Motion value add programs.

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