UnitedHealthcare launches virtual prescription renewal option, making eye care more accessible

UnitedHealthcare Vision is now offering a fully virtual prescription renewal service, helping members more easily renew contact lenses and glasses.

UnitedHealthcare has introduced a new virtual prescription renewal option for millions of members enrolled in eligible employer-sponsored vision plans, helping make it more convenient and accessible for plan participants to obtain contact lenses and glasses from their home or on the go.

The new service is available at no additional cost to millions of UnitedHealthcare Vision members. UnitedHealthcare Vision members in most states have the option to renew their contact lens and single vision glasses prescription at no additional cost as part of their plan, providing members an additional point of access with added flexibility and convenience to renew their eyewear prescription anytime and anywhere from their mobile device or computer.

Key details include:

  • An expedited and convenient way to renew unchanged optical prescriptions as a value-add service, which means the online appointment is an additional option and does not replace in-person appointments covered under the member’s plan.  
  • Access 24/7 to an online screening that enables members to evaluate how well they can see with their existing contact lens or glasses prescription.
  • Prescriptions offered by board-certified ophthalmologists who are licensed in the member’s state and usually available within four business hours.

"Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for UnitedHealthcare Vision plan members to get the vision care they need, leveraging technology-based resources that make connecting with an eye doctor more convenient and affordable," said John Ryan, CEO, UnitedHealthcare Vision. "With telehealth becoming a go-to option for various types of health care services, this new capability offers UnitedHealthcare Vision members 24/7 access to screening services from the comfort of their home or on the go."

The capability is designed as an additional option for UnitedHealthcare Vision members to renew their optical prescriptions until they can schedule an in-person appointment with an eye care provider for a comprehensive eye exam. This service is not a replacement for comprehensive eye care, rather an alternative for people who need on-demand support. 

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