New UnitedHealthcare Premier Advocacy value study now available, shows value of Advocacy on behalf of Premier Members

The use of the Blended Census Reporting Tool (BCRT) Process helps to evaluate measurable benefits.

A new UnitedHealthcare Premier Advocacy Blended Census Reporting Tool (BCRT) value study is now available. The study illustrates the measurable benefits that UnitedHealthcare’s Premier Advocacy model provides.

A differentiating feature of the Premier Advocacy model is the use of the BCRT process to help evaluate readmission risk. During weekly interdisciplinary rounds and daily census review and intervention, the Premier team uses the scores to amplify care and post-acute planning.

New analysis showed measurable benefits even when an inpatient member is not directly engaged. Specifically:

  • Emergency room utilization and cost were 57.6% lower for participants
  • Participants showed a 16.6% decrease for 30- and 90-day readmissions

A cost-avoidance follow-up analysis revealed that if members had received services at the same rate as those not managed through the BCRT process, they may have cost the plan $105 per member, per month more than they did.

“Our team had a deep-seated belief that our innovative processes of advocating for consumers and providing interdisciplinary clinical support at the most critical time in their medical journey were helping people get as healthy as possible when dealing with complex, chronic conditions,” states Paul Solomon, M.D., senior national medical director of premier advocacy for UnitedHealthcare. “Now we have the Value Study that shows we were correct.”

About the Premier Advocacy model

The Premier Advocacy model is one of three options (Core, Elite and Premier) that employers can choose from to assist members in navigating their health plan benefits, which may help achieve better outcomes and save on health care costs.

The Premier Advocacy model expands on our Core and Elite models by providing our most comprehensive and elevated level of support. With Premier Advocacy our Advocates proactively identify quality and cost opportunities for members and provide helpful benefit navigation and support — all focused on helping members achieve better health and get more value from their benefit.

Another recent Enhanced Advocacy case study revealed each model’s performance metrics and demonstrated the progressive benefits from Core Advocacy to Premier Advocacy based on a concierge, integrated approach with members.

All Advocacy case studies are posted on CTM or on UnitedHealthcare’s external Advocacy website at

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