Care management and clinical programs

Employees who manage a complex or chronic condition can find it harder to get healthier. UnitedHealthcare's care management and clinical programs are built to help make their decision-making easier and their path to a healthier life smoother — potentially resulting in lower medical costs for everyone.

Care management programs: Broad support for employees

Using data and analytics to identify at-risk employees and opportunities for better whole-person health across multiple conditions, our care management programs are designed to provide diverse health support, including proactive outreach, nurses and case managers.

Standard Care Coordination for fully insured clients

Standard Care Coordination monitors and addresses 50+ conditions across an employee population for potential gaps in care. For employees identified as at risk, resources include:

  • Nurse team to answer questions and offer guidance
  • Admission counselors to help with hospital length-of-stay and discharge planning
  • Access to condition-specific programs and more

Personal Health Support for self-funded clients

Personal Health Support screens up to 100% of an employer's population for 100+ acute and chronic conditions. Personalized support for at-risk members includes:

  • Earlier identification of opportunities for better health
  • Digital tools to help monitor employee conditions and progress
  • Access to an enhanced clinical team and condition-specific programs

Clinical programs: Focused support for specific conditions

Condition-specific clinical programs are designed for clients whose populations may benefit from more specific condition management resources like cancer, kidney, congenital heart disease and more.

Inspiring healthier, delivering savings and satisfaction

96% to 97% satisfaction with clinical resources1

In addition to high employee satisfaction rates, disease-specific clinical programs help reduce inpatient admissions.2

Lower medical costs with care management

Clients with Personal Health Support see per member per month savings of up to $14 on medical costs depending on products offered.3

Data-driven health intelligence

Care management programs identify gaps in carefor dozens of employee conditions using data frommedical claims, lab results, pharmacy, biometricscreenings, health assessments and more.

Compassionate, personalized support for employees

Chronic conditions and complex care needs demand exceptional employee support throughout one's health journey. Support programs for children and adults with complex care needs provide a single point of contact for all aspects of the health care system to help find specialty providers, maximize benefits, resolve unique insurance issues and more.