Surest health plan

Offer your clients and their employees a different kind of health plan with Surest®. This reimagined plan design gives employees control over their health care experience, with savings opportunities and benefits that are designed to be easy-to-understand — all without having to shift costs to employees. Employers can also offer Surest alongside more traditional health plan offerings. 

More choices, clear upfront prices

No deductible or coinsurance

Surest health plans are copay-only plans. This means employees receive full coverage on day 1, with no deductible to satisfy before their plan starts working for them. 

Clear pricing in advance

The Surest app is designed to be easy-to-use, allowing members to search for costs and coverage before scheduling an appointment. This enables members to make informed choices about the providers they choose and where they go for care. 

Access to high-value providers and treatments

Surest is built to help members choose more cost-efficient care options, with access to the largest UnitedHealthcare nationwide provider network. 

Member satisfaction

The fastest growing UnitedHealthcare plan nationwide1 with a year-over-year member retention rate of 90%,2 Surest is a plan clients and members tend to keep, which may help simplify renewals and enrollment. 

Surest. See how powerful simple can be.

Delivering value in more ways than one

Having the right health plan can make a difference for your bottom line, as well as employee satisfaction. With Surest, you have the opportunity to reduce costs while delivering more value. 

Savings for you and your employees

Surest can help members choose more efficient treatments and providers, as well as keep up on preventive screenings and exams. The result? More value for you and your employees

  • Up to 11% lower employer costs3
  • 54% average lower out-of-pocket costs for members

Help attracting and retaining talent

By offering Surest, you can give your employees benefits that actually feel like a benefit

  • 8 out of 10 members surveyed said they would be disappointed if their employer no longer offered the Surest plan5
  • 90% of Surest members re-enrolled in the Surest plan

Built to help solve health care's biggest challenges

Taking a reimagined approach designed to make health insurance less complicated and costly, Surest is an ACA-compliant health plan solution that covers what you’d expect from health insurance — like preventive care, prescription drugs, primary and specialty care, urgent and emergency services and more — and can be used with a flexible spending account (FSA).

See how Surest works to help solve health care's biggest challenges — for employers and employees. 

“I absolutely love that I have no questions regarding this plan. I know exactly what I will pay before I even book an appointment and/ or service. It makes it SO much easier to plan for my life, and even unexpected hurdles.” 

— Kaitlin B.

Case studies: A health plan design proving to be simpler and more cost-effective

Adding Surest as a health plan option helped several employers achieve lower costs and a simpler experience for their employees.