Value of integration with UnitedHealthcare

Drawing on leading benefit portfolios and one of the nation’s largest data and analytics platforms, UnitedHealthcare helps deliver integrated, end-to-end strategies built to drive greater value.

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Delivering more informed decisions, value at scale

By integrating medical, pharmacy and behavioral benefits strategies, we’re helping your clients and their employees get more from their plan. And, our integration strategies are informed by insights from more than 1.5 trillion health interactions and 222 million patient visits each year. Working across the care continuum, we’re helping employees make more informed choices, identify health risks earlier when they’re more easily managed, and eliminate duplicative services and waste. That's the work UnitedHealthcare is putting in behind the scenes to support your clients and their employees.

Preventing and slowing disease progression

Employees are 4 times more likely to get a vision exam than a physical,1 putting eye care on the front lines for alerting employees to health risks beyond vision. Our integrated approach helps identify those at risk and may help those with a chronic condition better manage their health.

15% better identification

of members who suffered from chronic conditions.2

62% of employees sought medical care

after being identified as at-risk for diabetes through an eye exam.3

Helping lower costs for employees with chronic conditions

Improving oral health may impact overall health. Linking medical and dental data, we’re helping employees with chronic conditions close gaps in their dental care, potentially improving their health and lowering their costs.

$2.61 medical claims savings

per member per month (PMPM) for clients with integrated dental benefits.4

21% lower medical claim costs

for members who returned to dental care.4

Ensuring clinically and cost-effective specialty medication

Complex conditions — such as cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis — typically require specialty medications that drive higher spends. Integrated solutions are designed to help control costs and ensure effective treatment plans.

Up to $28 PMPM medical cost savings

with an integrated pharmacy benefits approach.5

Up to 18% increase in medication adherence

for employees with some of the most common chronic conditions.5

Simplifying a complex journey

14% of the average population has both medical and behavioral conditions, resulting in claims that are up to 2 times that of those without comorbid conditions.1 Integrated solutions are designed to help us to simplify experiences and reduce costs.

20% lower visit count

per outpatient episode.6

100% behavioral health screenings

for employees enrolled in medical case management programs with top chronic conditions.

Activating more informed health choices

We are engaging employees in wellness programs designed to help them quit tobacco, lose weight and exercise, which may help improve their overall health and lower costs over time.

$771 medical cost savings

per employee attending at least one session of our weight loss program.7

2.3:1 lower disease progression

into more severe chronic conditions.8