Connecting patients to doctors and resources resulted in better health outcomes and reduced medical costs by $19 million over three years1.

UnitedHealthcare’s SignatureValue Alliance HMO Benefit Plan is a health plan that offers access to physicians who’ve been selected based on their ability to guide their patients to the care and resources that help promote better health outcomes and lower costs.

In 2014, Alliance physician groups rated higher than non-Alliance physician groups in 16 out of 21 quality metrics2 measured by the Integrated Healthcare Association (IHA). And that can mean improved member outcomes and lower costs.

Here’s how UnitedHealthcare SignatureValue Alliance puts the patient at the center of the health care experience:

  • Upon enrollment, members pick a primary care physician from the Alliance network.
  • The primary care physician acts as a guide through the health care system and help coordinate additional care. 
  • At every point along the continuum of care, doctors share vital information about the patient and adhere to best practices for evidence-based medicine. 
  • Alliance HMO physician groups have agreed to pursue a best practice model aimed at producing a consistent patient experience to help improve quality and lower costs.

The Alliance network includes nearly 20,000 physicians3 and 120 hospitals in 25 counties across the state:  

For a full listing of participating physician groups, refer to Alliance Provider Directory or visit myuhc.com.


  1. Data is based on UnitedHealthcare’s actual medical expenses by county and by HMO network product (Q2, 2016). The data has been adjusted to account for differences in the age, sex and plan mix across differing populations, in order to provide a like-for-like comparison. Plan savings generally result in premium savings for consumers in this network compared with a full-network HMO.
  2. UnitedHealthcare analysis of 2014 Integrated Healthcare Association (IHA) data.
  3. For a full listing of participating physician groups near you, please refer to the Alliance Provider Directory or visit myuhc.com.

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