Dental In-Network Only (INO) Plan

Drives use of network for greater savings

For fully insured groups of 2 or more. Self-funded options for larger groups.

With the Dental INO (Network Only) plan, you can strike the right balance between extensive coverage and impressive savings. An INO plan is typically priced 25% less than a similar open access plan.

With the INO plan, your employees will get the dental care they need at cost effective rates. They can see any provider in our vast national network. Services provided by a dentist who is not part of our network are not covered, allowing you to manage costs. But with a network so large, there's a good chance that an employee's dentist is already part of the network. If not, we're happy to help them find a network dentist nearby.

Benefits are automatically included

Preventive care

– Covered at little or not cost to employees.

Oral cancer screenings for adults

– Includes light contrast screening & brush biopsy. Learn more about why Oral Cancer Screenings are important.

Prenatal benefit

– Industry leading benefit with extra visits for preventive and periodontal services during entire pregnancy and three months following delivery as determined by dentist. Learn more about our Prenatal Dental Program.