Updated December 8, 2022

We are negotiating with Ardent/Hillcrest Healthcare to renew our current contract that expires May 1, 2023

Ardent/Hillcrest sent us a notice terminating our current facility and hospital contract on May 1, 2023. Our contract with Ardent/Hillcrest’s physicians is not part of this negotiation. We are committed to maintaining our longstanding relationship with Ardent/Hillcrest so that our members have continued access to its hospitals and facilities.

Although Ardent/Hillcrest expressed its desire to renew and not terminate our contract in its notice, the health system has not provided a proposal we can respond to in good faith. We are disappointed the health system has made our negotiation public, causing unnecessary anxiety and confusion for the people we mutually serve.

We are dedicated to providing our members with access to quality, affordable health care through a broad network of hospitals. We take this responsibility seriously. We are hopeful Ardent/Hillcrest will work with us to reach an agreement at fair, market-competitive rates that will ensure we can continue offering affordable health plans to the members and employer customers we’re privileged to serve.

Facts you should know:

  • Despite misinformation communicated by Ardent/Hillcrest, our current hospital agreement with the health system would end on May 1, 2023, only if both parties cannot come to an agreement. This means that the health system’s hospitals and facilities will remain in-network until at least that time; your physician will remain in-network after this date.
  • This negotiation affects people enrolled in UnitedHealthcare’s employer-sponsored, individual, Dual Eligible Special Needs (D-SNP), Group Retiree and Medicare Advantage plans.
  • Although Ardent/Hillcrest has expressed its desire to renew our contract, the health system has not sent a formal proposal to UnitedHealthcare to date.
  • If we are unable to renew our hospital agreement with Ardent/Hillcrest, our members will continue to have ample access to in-network care from a broad network of nearly 90 hospitals across Oklahoma.
  • For support finding in-network hospitals, members can call the customer care number on their health plan ID card or visit their plan’s website:
    • myuhc.com for members enrolled in individual or employer-sponsored plans
    • myuhcmedicare.com for members enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans
    • uhcretiree.com for members enrolled in Group Medicare Advantage plans