On-demand self-help tool for stress, anxiety and depression now available to HMO members in California

The Sanvello™ app uses clinically validated techniques to help users improve their mental health anytime, anywhere.

November 22, 2021

Sanvello Health, Inc., a leading provider of digital and tele-mental health solutions is now available to HMO groups in California as of Oct. 1, 2021, with premium access to its digital care delivery platform and self-help app. Created by psychologists, the Sanvello™ app uses clinically validated techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy — a type of psychotherapy shown to be especially effective for individuals experiencing high levels of stress or symptoms of anxiety and depression. Available from the convenience of a mobile device, Sanvello empowers individuals to engage with activities to help improve their mental health anytime, anywhere — helping relieve symptoms and build life skills that may reduce potential high-cost interventions in the future.

Premium access to Sanvello includes the following features:

  • Guided Journeys: Guided Journeys are designed by psychologists to help users build and maintain skills and increase resiliency through simple lessons and on-the-go activities.
  • Peer Support: Users can join group conversations to share personal stories and chat with others who often feel just like them. 
  • Coping Tools: Users can find useful techniques to calm their mind, change their outlook, redirect negative thoughts and improve daily activities and sleep.  
  • Mindfulness Meditation: Learn how to “pay attention with purpose” and find focus during a time of uncertainty, with a library of guided audio meditations.
  • Daily Mood Tracking: Users can track their emotions, add notes and spot patterns that help them feel calmer and in control.
  • Assessments: Short weekly interactive quizzes provide clinically validated, objective scores for stress, depression, anxiety and resiliency to measure current levels and quantify progress over time.

To learn more about the Sanvello app read this flier or contact your UnitedHealthcare representative for more information.


About Sanvello Health, Inc.
Sanvello Health, Inc. is a leading provider of digital and tele-mental health care, including the top app for stress and anxiety. Through partnerships with major insurance payers, employers and higher education institutions, Sanvello offers covered management and treatment of stress, anxiety and depression for over 37 million people. By building a new class of mental health care experience and bringing together patients, providers and payers, the Sanvello platform helps millions of people around the world find relief when they need it and feel happier over time. Download Sanvello from the Apple App Store or Google Play. For more information, visit sanvello.com or follow Sanvello on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The Sanvello mobile app should not be used for urgent care needs. If you are experiencing a crisis or need emergency care, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. The information contained in the Sanvello Mobile Application is for educational purposes only; it is not intended to diagnose problems or provide treatment and should not be used as a substitute for your provider’s care. Please discuss with your doctor how the information provided may be right for you. Premium access is available for members at no additional cost as part of their benefit plan. Sanvello premium is not available for all groups in New York and is subject to change. Refer to your plan documents for specific benefit coverage and limitations or call the toll-free member phone number on your health plan ID card. Participation in the program is voluntary and subject to the terms of use contained in the Application.

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