Virtual primary care helps make care more accessible for Delaware members

Virtual primary care is now available on non-gated Oxford and UnitedHealthcare fully insured and self-funded plan designs for small and large groups.

Virtual primary care combines the convenience of technology with the advantages of seeing a Primary Care Physician (PCP) who is familiar with their patient’s medical health history. 

Virtual primary care delivers many of the same services as traditional, in-person care. In addition to helping provide continuity of care, virtual primary care providers may deliver many of the same services as traditional in-person PCPs including:

  • Implementing care for common and chronic health conditions
  • Administering ongoing and follow-up care
  • Addressing health opportunities like missed screenings or immunizations
  • Utilizes employee information and insights at the point of care for in network referrals, specific prescription formulary, gaps in care and more
  • Prescribing and refilling medications

By combining the benefits of virtual care with personal support of an ongoing PCP relationship, UnitedHealthcare can open new opportunities to help engage employees in their health, which may ultimately lead to lower health care costs. 

Virtual primary care is accessible via single sign-on from® or the UnitedHealthcare® app. 

Criteria and availability

  • Employers must have the 24/7 Virtual Visits benefit enabled. They must be eligible and not opted out.
  • Available on fully insured and self-funded open access plans
  • Open access plans with HSA accounts

For more information, please download this flier or contact your UnitedHealthcare representative.