UnitedHealthcare Level Funded in Florida launching for new business, effective Nov. 1

UnitedHealthcare Level Funded (previously known as All Savers® Alternate Funding) will be available in Florida to quote new small business (5–99 employees) and large group (100–300 employees) customers with health plans effective Nov. 1, 2021.

November 22, 2021

UnitedHealthcare Level Funded can be sold as a standalone medical plan or paired with dental and vision specialty benefits. The plan offers a wide range of plan and network options, paired with plan participant wellness programs, 24/7 Virtual Visits and a mobile app that allows plan participants to more easily access their plan information. 

New and updated tools available with UnitedHealthcare Level Funded

Brokers will have access to:

  • uhceservices.com: One website that will support the majority of your UnitedHealthcare book of business. This powerful suite of online tools and resources will act as the front door for other sites, including United eServices® and myallsavers.com.
  • Redesigned sales automation tool for Small Business: SAMx-Level Funded will be used to quote and enroll new Small Business customers. These updated tools have a modern, intuitive design to make quoting and enrolling customers even simpler.
  • One agent support tool: A digital tool that provides a single point of contact to support questions for all new business sales.

Networks and plan features

UnitedHealthcare Level Funded offers plan options designed to fit a variety of needs, including:

  • A national network.
  • Plan design varieties, such as traditional, High-Deductible Health Plan, Tiered Benefits, and more.
  • $0 Primary Care Physician Copays for Kids program for enrollees in copay-based medical plan designs in traditional EPO/PPO plans.
  • Monthly financial reporting packages.
  • Choice of Prescription Drug Lists – Advantage or Essential.
  • Potential for a surplus refund for the plan if medical claims are lower than expected.
  • Individual medical underwriting and member level census underwriting depending on group size. 
  • Simplified contract for customers unfamiliar with level funding – no back-end claim exposure for the plan sponsor; no terminal liability requirements or deficit carry-forward.
  • Low individual and aggregate attachment levels to limit claim exposure. 
  • Increased stop loss amounts for large groups.

Contact your UnitedHealthcare representative for more information on networks, plan designs and other features included with UnitedHealthcare Level Funded.