UnitedHealthcare Level Funded designed to give your clients more flexibility, options and lower costs

UnitedHealthcare Level Funded Health plans work to deliver more health plan value for your Maryland and clients.

Designed to meet the challenges of rising health care costs, Level Funded is built to give your clients more flexibility and options, including access to UnitedHealthcare's proprietary network and the OptumRx® network of pharmacies.

Learn about the variety of plan designs available to your employers

  • HSA, PPO, and EPO plan portfolios are designed to help meet the needs of plan participants and their families:
    • $0 primary care physician (PCP) network copays for kids (EPO/PPO)
    • Deductibles that range from $500 to $6,350
    • Coinsurance options of 80% or 100%
    • Embedded and non-embedded deductibles
    • Featuring a new virtual-first plan in select markets
  • National pharmacy benefit manager with full OptumRx integration
  • Opportunity to save and bundle UnitedHealthcare specialty benefits, taking advantage of combined billing with the Packaged Savings® program for groups with 5–50 and the uBundle® program for groups with 51–300; eligibility requirements may vary by state
  • Real Appeal® online weight loss program available to eligible participants as part of their benefit plan
  • Savings with hearing benefit offering device discounts
  • Survivorship benefit included with all medical plans — continued coverage available for dependents when a plan participant passes away

Get more information on interactive wellness programs

  • UnitedHealthcare Motion® – Use a motion device to track steps, reach goals and earn financial rewards (over $1,000 per year) to help offset plan participant out-of-pocket costs with deposits into their health savings account (HSA) — provided at no additional cost and part of the benefit plan
  • Prepaid debit card option – Plan participants have the option of receiving their rewards on a prepaid debit card; the debit card can be used for expenses not related to health care
  • HealthiestYou Virtual Care – Connect with doctors 24/7, shop and price prescriptions, and much more
  • Expert Medical Services – A second-opinion service committed to helping employees make informed medical decisions
  • 24/7 Virtual Visits – With 24/7 Virtual Visits, plan participants can connect with a doctor for help with non-emergency care — anytime, anywhere, right from their mobile device* or computer
  • Rally® – Complete a health survey, choose missions, join challenges and earn Rally Coins to use for a chance to win rewards

Cost control options for your clients

  • Potential surplus refund1 eligibility when medical claims costs are lower than expected
  • Level funding:
    • Fixed monthly claims funding payment throughout the plan year
    • Not subject to adjusted community rating
  • Network and clinical programs focusing on appropriateness and cost-efficiency
  • Automatic stop loss reimbursement in cases where medical claims are higher than expected

To learn more about Level Funded plans to request a quote for your clients, contact your UnitedHealthcare representative.