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Committed to our Michigan community

UnitedHealthcare is dedicated to supporting Michigan employers, employees and their families by building strong, lasting relationships in the community. Our presence in Michigan includes:1

More than 872,000 members

within Michigan communities

More than 56,000 providers

available to meet member needs in Michigan

Over $381,000 donated to local organizations

in support of communities across Michigan

Nearly 3,000 UnitedHealthcare employees

within Michigan communities

Latest news

Millennials – those between the ages of 27 to 42 in 2023 – are now the largest generational group covered in employer health plans.

UnitedHealthcare is committed to helping members manage their chronic conditions, like diabetes.

Learn how UnitedHealthcare Level Funded plans may help Michigan customers offer competitive employee benefits while driving down their total cost of care. 

Meet your Michigan team

UnitedHealthcare in Michigan is here to serve the needs of employers, employees and their families across the state.

Dustin Hinton

CEO UnitedHealthcare Employer & Individual - Wisconsin and Michigan

Dustin began his role as CEO of Wisconsin and Michigan in June of 2014. Under his leadership, the health plans continue to make significant and sustained progress toward the company's broader strategic priorities of growth and retention. Dustin serves as the President of the Alliance of Health Insurers, and has been an active board member for the American Lung Association of Wisconsin and the American Lung Association for the Upper Midwest since 2011 and 2013, respectively.

Dustin holds degrees in political science and speech communication from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He and his wife Dawn reside in Menomonee Falls, WI, with their son Cole. 

Tim DiMartino

Executive Director of Sales and Account Management

Liza Amos

Director of Account Management