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What sets UnitedHealthcare apart

Vital Medication Program offers certain preferred drugs at no out-of-pocket cost to members

UnitedHealthcare is introducing and improving programs that help make it quicker, easier and less expensive for members to get the prescriptions they need.

5 ways UnitedHealthcare Level Funded plans help employers lower cost and improve outcomes

Learn how technology, wellness programs and a whole-person approach to health benefits can provide your Pennsylvania clients lower costs and a simpler experience.

Benefit Ally helps offset unexpected costs from unplanned health events

UnitedHealthcare Benefit AllyTM combines supplemental health benefits to provide select groups financial coverage in the event of an eligible accident, critical illness or hospitalization. It is available for 100+ fully insured groups across Pennsylvania.

Committed to our Pennsylvania community

UnitedHealthcare is dedicated to supporting Pennsylvania employers, employees and their families by building strong, lasting relationships in the community. Our presence in Pennsylvania includes:1

More than 1.1 million members

within Pennsylvania communities

More than 69,000 providers

available to meet member needs in Pennsylvania

Over $2.7 million donated to local organizations

in support of communities across Pennsylvania

More than 9,000 employees and contractors

within Pennsylvania communities

Latest news

The recently released “America’s Health Rankings 2022 Annual Report” uncovered several health strengths and challenges in Pennsylvania.

When employees receive financial support for health care expenses through Care Cash, they may be able to save money, stay healthier and take ownership of their health.

This program rewards participants for completing healthy actions and adds wellness activities designed to help participants achieve their goals.

Meet your Pennsylvania team

UnitedHealthcare in Pennsylvania is here to serve the needs of employers, employees and their families across the state.

Paul Marden

CEO UnitedHealthcare Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware

Paul Marden is the CEO of UnitedHealthcare’s commercial operations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. He leads the team responsible for providing access to commercial health benefit products and services to small and large employers up to 5,000 employees. With more than 35 years in the health insurance industry, Paul is well positioned to drive UnitedHealthcare’s agenda focused on affordability, simplicity and delivering quality, supported care.

Paul Sharkey

Vice President, Sales 51-99 & UMR Account Management 100+

Michelle Goglia

Vice President,  Account Management 51-99

Bob Benkert

Vice President, Sales 51-99

Ashley Muldoon

Director of Account Management 51+

Andrew Aplin

Manager, Sales and Account Management 2-50