Access Real Appeal with Rally Coach

As of mid-February, employees will access Real Appeal® via the Rally CoachSM web experience. The Real Appeal program, including the program name, content and features, will not be affected.

As part of this change, users will log in to Rally Coach on the web experience to access their Real Appeal accounts. Existing users will be prompted to update their Real Appeal mobile app in the iOS® or Android® app store in order for the Rally Coach name and Rally logo to appear on their mobile device. New users will need to download the Rally Coach mobile app to access the Real Appeal program on their mobile device.

If a member chooses not to update the app, they will be able to maintain full function of the Real Appeal mobile app. After about 4 weeks, however, members will be required to update their mobile app to continue participating.

The member FAQ under Related Links has been updated to reflect the new web experience. It can be shared with any customers that inquire about the change. Access these helpful member FAQs.

Rally Coach background

The goal of Rally Coach is to make it easier for employees to take action to help improve their well-being, and for employers to measure success. Real Appeal will be the first program to launch on the Rally Coach mobile app. The Wellness Coaching offering is also available on the desktop version of Rally Coach.


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Real Appeal is a voluntary weight loss program that is offered to eligible participants as part of their benefit plan. The information provided under this program is for general informational purposes only and is not intended to be nor should be construed as medical and/or nutritional advice. Participants should consult an appropriate health care professional to determine what may be right for them. Any items/tools that are provided may be taxable and participants should consult an appropriate tax professional to determine any tax obligations they may have from receiving items/tools under the program.

Rally Health® provides health and well-being information and support as part of your health plan. It does not provide medical advice or other health services, and is not a substitute for your doctor's care. If you have specific health care needs, consult an appropriate health care professional. Participation in the health survey is voluntary. Your responses will be kept confidential in accordance with the law and will only be used to provide health and wellness recommendations or conduct other plan activities.

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