All Savers can provide more plan options and more ways to save

For small businesses seeking a more affordable health plan and more options for employees, an alternate funding plan may be the right solution. Also known as “level-funded” plans, alternate funding plans push beyond traditional insurance plans to give small business employers new ways to pay for health services, manage costs and help employees get more value from their benefits.

These plans typically use 3 mechanisms:

  1. A self-funded medical benefits plan.
  2. A stop loss insurance policy.
  3. A third-party claims administration agreement.

Alternate funding health plans work by helping small employers manage their health plan’s financial risk differently. At the end of the plan year, if the actual health care claims are higher than expected, the insurer pays them. But if they’re lower, the employer keeps the difference. Simply put, the success of an alternate funding plan depends on the commitment of the employer and employees to living and working healthier.

To learn more about All Savers® Alternate Funding and how small businesses can save, download our latest white paper.

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