Bind personalized health plans now available to Virginia and Georgia fully insured groups

Once available only to self-funded groups, Bind is expanding its reach to the fully insured market in 2021. Bind offers the two ACA-compliant solutions nationwide to self-funded groups with 51+ employees, and to fully insured groups with 51+ employees in Florida, Ohio, Utah, Georgia and most recently, Virginia. Additional states will be added next year.

Bind plans are designed to be easier to use and understand — there is no deductible and no coinsurance. Instead, members can check prices and compare options prior to seeing a doctor or filling a prescription, with lower prices typically tied to higher value. This plan model leverages data and technology with informed decision-making, with proven results. Employers on the Bind plan saved up to 14% compared to traditional managed care.  Bind studies showed members can save, too. Bind members’ out-of-pocket costs were reduced by up to 50% compared to the national average.

The results indicated that high member engagement and a different health plan design had the potential to help lower costs for employers and employees. When members have the tools to see cost and quality comparisons, as well as treatment options across conditions, they were more likely to choose differently.

To learn more about Bind personalized health plans, visit or contact your UnitedHealthcare representative.

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