Employee Engagement Planner available on United and Employer eServices

Now available to Oxford business, the Employee Engagement Planner (the Planner) is a free new digital tool designed to help fully insured Small Business and Key Account brokers and customers quickly and easily get communications to employees.

Key features

The Planner auto-populates a full plan year’s calendar with timely, relevant communications that brokers and customers can send at the most impactful times (i.e., during open enrollment, onboarding, etc.). In addition to the calendar, users can view all topics included in the Planner at any time, including:

  • Communications to help employees get started with their health plans.
  • Information on health and wellness programs.
  • Useful digital tools and resources.

Communications can be downloaded instantly or packaged together to share from a single email. Planner users can also set reminders in their email preferences, which can send notifications when they have an upcoming employee communication to send.

Value to brokers and customers

  • Get materials faster. A few clicks puts ready-to-send employee emails, fliers and brochures at users’ fingertips.
  • Save time. No more searching, because everything is organized by topic and calendar view – all in one place. Plus, users can set email alerts when it’s time to share communications with employees.
  • Spread the news. Content calendars make it easier to keep employees informed on the most important topics relative to key times throughout the plan year.

Value to employees

  • Prepare for their new health plan. Whether they’re new to their health plan or existing UnitedHealthcare members, employees will learn what to do before their plan begins.
  • Start using their health plan. Communications detail how the plan works, how to avoid cost surprises, where to go for care and more. In fact, 78% of members found UnitedHealthcare onboarding materials helpful in understanding their plan.*
  • Learn about the perks of the plan. Employees will become familiar and can be more engaged with the health and wellness programs included in their plan.

Audience and accessibility

Intended for fully insured Small Business and Key Account brokers and customers, Planner topics include standard programs across fully insured groups. The Planner is available on United eServices® and Employer eServices® portals under Quick Links, and within Small Business and Key Accounts user profiles. At this time, the Employee Engagement Planner is not available to Oxford, UHC West or UMR customers.

Next steps

  1. Register for the Employee Engagement Planner today by logging into your United eServices or Employer eServices platform. The Planner can be found in Quick Links on both portals.
  2. Explore the Planner and its available materials, see how it functions and begin sharing communications with employees.
  3. Review the reference materials to learn more about the Planner and how to use its key features.

For questions, please contact your UnitedHealthcare representative.

Employee Engagement Planner Preview

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