Figo Pet Insurance now available to midsize businesses through UnitedHealthcare

About 67% of households have at least one pet.1 And 95% of those pet owners consider their pets part of the family.2 While pet insurance is designed to help ease employee financial worries, offering it as part of employee benefits may also help employers create deeper connections with employees while increasing engagement, retention and productivity.3

UnitedHealthcare now offers a group discount on Figo Pet Insurance – an award-winning technology and services company4 that offers a comprehensive set of tools to help make pet owners’ lives easier. Figo offers 3 pet insurance plans, a wellness selection, and customizable deductible and reimbursement options. Since these plans are based on a reimbursement model, members may visit any licensed veterinary practice, emergency hospital or specialist anywhere in the world.

Every pet insurance policy includes access to a Live Vet 24/7 chat via the Figo Pet Cloud mobile app with no copay or limit to usage. When an urgent pet medical question arises, they can connect with a licensed veterinary professional anytime, anywhere. This benefit is included with all policies.

Also included is access to the Figo Pet Cloud – an all-in-one solution for claim payment, pet health reminders, pet medical records and customer service, along with an online pet community to connect with pet parents and find pet-friendly services.

Please contact your broker or UnitedHealthcare representative for more information.

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